Groups at Crossroads are a safe place where you can connect, grow, and serve. We offer Small Groups, Care Groups, and Sunday Morning Classes at each campus location - and out in the community! - that meet at various times throughout the year. Find friends, have fun, deepen your faith, and encourage one another by connecting with a group today. Whether you’re looking to build friendships, deepen your faith, find support and encouragement for your season of life, or simply do life with others outside of Sunday morning worship, groups are for YOU.


Start a Group!

Leading a group at Crossroads requires being a member at Crossroads and involves a discernment process with Crossroads staff. You can get the ball rolling by filling out the application.

Why join a Group?

Groups are where people connect relationally and grow spiritually. Check out Brooke’s story to hear more!

Three Steps to Joining a Group

1. Search
Take some time to explore what groups are offered here on the Crossroads website. You might want to search based on the group's location or area of interest/focus - or, even based on your schedule.

2. Sign Up
Description: Select the group you’re interested in, and click the “Register” button. Have a question? Reach out to the group leader by clicking the “Email Leader” button.

3. Show Up
Description: Once you register, the group leader will reach out with all the details you need to know. Your job is to show up and see why we so often say life is better connected!


What kinds of Groups are offered at Crossroads?

Most groups fall under one of three main categories: Small Groups, Care Groups, and Classes. Small groups tend to be long-term or ongoing while care groups and classes meet on a short-term basis (6-8 weeks, a semester long, etc.).

Where do groups meet?

Crossroads groups don’t all meet at the church! Some do, of course, but some happen at a leader’s home or out in the community. When groups gather around the living room or share a meal at the dining room table, that’s where life is found!

How often do groups meet?

Most groups meet at the same time 3-4 times per month. Consistency is a good basis for community!

What typically happens at a group meeting?

While there’s no typical group meeting formula, you’ll find that our group leaders are passionate about group members connecting relationally while also growing spiritually. That means you’ll often find a balance of prayer and scripture study in balance with game nights, sharing meals, and simply sharing what’s going on in life. Some groups focus intently on a Bible study curriculum or topic while others orient around similar life experiences or interests.

Who will be in my group?

People who have sought out community! Groups are for those who believe doing life with others is crucial for living out their faith. You won’t find perfect people in groups – often, you’ll find out that everyone has messes in their lives. So, expect to be in relationship with folks who both need and give encouragement!

How can I lead my own group at Crossroads?

So glad you asked! Leading a group at Crossroads requires being a member at Crossroads and involves a discernment process with Crossroads staff. Fill out the application to start the process.


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