Series Episodes

Episode 1: East of Eden

Immediately after sin enters the world God’s plan of restoring grace begins.

Episode 2: Tale as Old as Time

In what might be the oldest book in the Bible, Job represents the experience of everyone who’s ever lived in a sinful world in search of God’s presence. Almost always, this experience happens through suffering, overwhelming challenges or loss.

Episode 3: Three Redeemers

The story of Ruth demonstrates the redemptive plan of God for outsiders and foreshadows the ultimate redeemer, Jesus.

Episode 4: The Fourth Man

God’s redemptive plan involves not only a fallen sinful world but a pluralistic one. The decision Daniel made by faith reveals the power of experiencing Jesus in our suffering.

Episode 5: Palm Sunday

Jesus enters Jerusalem to cheers of praise that turn to shouts of condemnation. What happened? The same thing that happens to most of us when we place our expectations onto Jesus.

Season Finale: Easter at Crossroads

The season finale of Long Story Short brings us to a celebration of the empty tomb…If the tomb is empty, anything’s possible!