Intern Experience


Considering ministry options?
Intern applications are open to those who are working and/or students in high school or college.

Want to hear more? You got it!

Reid, our senior pastor, shares the heart of the intern experience


Gather and train with other interns & staff at weekly times, TBD

Serve 10 (or more) hours weekly to explore ministry (if 16 yrs or older) areas.

Wherever there’s a staff position, there’s a chance to experience “what if?” possibilities.


Rolling applications are reviewed upon receipt. Please allow approximately two weeks for follow up phone calls which may lead to team interviews. Candidates are encouraged to apply sooner rather than later.

You've got questions? We've got answers!

Q: What's in it for me?

Learn and grow from supervisor and mentor relationships! Join monthly  All-Staffs,  intern discipleship,  practical teachings, and fun times!  (excluded from the 10 hours of serving).

Q: Will I be paid?

 Indicate your need for a paid unpaid position during your interview. Not all positions are paid.

Q: What dates and times are good to know?

A: The Intern Experience sessions may vary from 3 – 12 months in duration.

Candidates are encouraged to apply for Summer Sessions by May 1st, Fall Sessions by August 1, and the Winter/Spring Session by December 1. Applications will remain open if those deadlines are missed.
Q: What if I need to begin or end at a different time?

A: Talk it over with your interview team.

Q: What will I learn?

A: The Intern Experience is designed to highlight strengths and weaknesses, gifts and growth opportunities. Interns get to play a role in the weekly tasks required to make Sundays, missions, and events possible. They will be given leadership opportunities and will be personally developed through focused teachings, hands-on experiences and one-on-one mentoring with staff members. Our goal is that interns will develop a better understanding of potential next steps in ministry or career, and feel more equipped and empowered to take those steps.

Q: Which environments can I intern for?

A: Let us know what you’re interested in!
●All – Ability (special needs)
●Care Ministry
●Community Center
●Children’s Ministry
●Guest services
●High School Ministry
●Middle School MInistry
●Preschool Ministry
●Service Programming/ Creative Arts
●Young Adults

Q: Where can I work?

A: Interns may be placed at any of our campuses or community centers.