I answered an altar call and was baptized when I was about 25 years old. After that, I spiraled downhill into the disease of alcoholism. I made
horrible decisions, and lived in a cold, dark place.

I got sober at age 33, but still continued to make selfish decisions and, although I gave my alcoholism over to God, I held onto the rest of my life. Years later, I fell into a deep depression, and God lifted me out of the isolation I was living in and led me back to the recovery community and to Crossroads Church, where I’ve been able to grow in my relationship with Jesus. He has blessed me with a family of believers, many of whom are also in recovery. I know I would not have the life I have today without my Lord. I know God has never left my side and has carried me through those rough years.

I want to rededicate my life to Jesus and continue building my life on His love and sharing it with those around me.