When I was first introduced to the Bible, I had very little faith, because I could barely
understand God’s word at such a young age.

Growing up, I attended several churches and heard several pastors preach the word and realized just how impactful God’s word is, and how Jesus can actually impact my life and make it better.

During middle school, I faced many obstacles that tested my faith, some of which included heartbreak, family issues, and being diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I began questioning who I was and if this Jesus/God who is supposed to be for me, was really there during my struggles and pain.

As I moved on into high school, I found myself climbing into a darker hole of despair. I felt like every day was the same. I had no escape and just felt helpless. I tried to fill the void in my life by hanging out with my friends and partying, which just made me fall into an even darker hole than where I had started.

Then my mom asked me to try out this new church with her. I was hesitant at first, but when I stepped foot into Crossroads Church in Eldersburg, I felt welcomed and complete. I finally found a place where I would be accepted, regardless of my past mistakes, and would never be judged.

From that moment on, this empty void that I had been feeling for so long had finally been filled with love, peace, and joy that only God could fill. Waking up every day and choosing to love and serve an Almighty God has changed my life completely, and has made me feel wanted and whole again.