I grew up in a very dysfunctional home where I had to figure out how to function with little or no guidance or structure. As a result, I was racing down the road of destruction at a very early age. Drinking and partying and living in the fast lane was the norm.

At some point I asked God for help, I then met the person that would someday be my wife. I joined the Marine Corps and upon being discharged I was introduced to Jesus; however, I realized a few years ago that I had not been living the life that the Lord had given me. I started to feel conviction over the one-way relationship I was having with the Lord. As I started to listen closely to the messages and counsel from the Lord over the last couple of years,

I have become increasingly thirsty for Christ. When I asked the Lord in prayer concerning baptism, He answered me before I finished my question by having someone openly speak of it at the very time I was in prayer with Him over it.

The Lord was quick and direct in His response. For me, baptism completes the washing away of the old person and reveals the new one in Christ.