My name is Christine Grasser and I’m so happy to be able to be baptized and place all of my faith in Christ. I was born and raised in the Catholic religion, but never really felt connected or understood the importance of following Jesus.

I am married, I have two beautiful girls, a career, a nice home, pets and everything is perfect; except for one thing, I was missing something in my heart and I couldn’t understand why I could have everything in life and still be sad or angry all the time.

There were challenges for sure; the loss of my mom was huge for me. My husband had his women issues that impacted our family and I am a “fixer” by nature, but these are things that I could not fix. Nothing was working and everything was falling apart.

Moments of desperation and sadness brought me to a point of asking God for help. He was listening and things started to change. I started reading the Bible and became focused on God’s Word. A friend of mine introduced me to a nice bible study group & I found Crossroads, which has been amazing.

For the first time in my life, I get it. God’s presence and His love for me filled that hole in my heart. Life is good now, and I am happy. I want to be baptized to strengthen my relationship & commitment to God and acknowledge my faith and love for Him is strong.