My story starts when I was in my 20s, I worked for a jewish family owned business. One of the employees was a Christian lady who always carried her bible to and from work everyday. You can imagine what an impact this made on everyone who worked there. She always had a positive outlook about life and I wanted to know where that came from. She was someone you wanted to be around. We became friends and she first introduced me to Christian talk radio. One of my favorite pastors was an older pastor named Dr J Vernon McGee, who went through the Bible in a year, and also Dr. James Dobson, and a local Westminster pastor from Open Door Church named Pastor Shelton Smith. We lived in Baltimore Co. at the time. One Sunday we decided to go to Open Door to hear Pastor Smith, (little did I realize that Jesus was at the wheel). It didn’t take long for me to feel convicted of my sin, (Pastor Smith had a way of doing that).

Shortly after, I went forward during the invitation and accepted Christ as my saviour. Following that I was baptized in the baptismal pool.  I will never forget pastor Smith saying “if you’re not going to turn from your sin you might as well be baptized in pickle juice”. I always knew I was saved, but throughout my life I didn’t always walk with Jesus, and still wanted my own will. It wasn’t until many years later after many heartaches, and bad decision making,  that I realized what a friend I have in Jesus!  Finding Crossroads church has changed my life and renewed my faith. It’s not just a church, it’s a family of believers.  I have met so many wonderful people.  I look forward to learning more about Jesus every Sunday.

My faith journey started by one woman being brave enough to carry her bible, to be a servant and witness for the Lord Jesus Christ. I can say for certain that I know I am a child of the King!