Student Ministries


Middle School & High School

"Meet friends, hear truth, move forward…”

Adults: We are looking for folks that love Christ and love kids as leaders for Warehouse Student Ministries. We need both middle and high school leaders - adults (college age and up) who would like to lead, please contact

Coming this Fall - C4 SUNDAYS!

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Capernaum Club

First Tuesdays 6-7pm

YL NorthBay Weekend (Century, SC & Liberty)

Oct 27-29

Young Life Banquet

Nov 14 at 6:30pm

YL NorthBay Weekend (FSK, MV & Westminster area)

Nov 17-19



Middle School (6th-8th grades)

9:30 AM, Every Sunday
If you are in middle school or know someone who is, this is the place to be! C3 is a great time of fun, fellowship, and finding out more about God and how He can help navigate the middle school years. Our outreach events for C3 -times when you would want to invite your friends or kid’s friends if they don’t or won’t come with you on Sunday – are what we call No School Next Days! Whenever there is a holiday or day off for students, we will have a night of crazy fun and action for middle schoolers, including a relevant talk from the Scriptures applicable to their lives.

For more information about Middle School Ministry at Crossroads, contact Jono Contestabile at



High School (9th-12th grades)

11:00 AM, Every Sunday
We invite High Schoolers to sit with C4 leaders in the 11:00 service. We sit together in the left front side of the auditorium. Worship and learn together in a welcoming setting.

Our small group leaders will be pouring into their students throughout the week by getting into high schoolers’ lives. What does that mean? It means showing up in places where high schoolers are, school games, events, concerts and being a presence in their lives.

We also will have will be having some outreach times through-out the year for high schoolers to invite their friends who may not be interested in a ‘normal’ church experience. These are nights of crazy fun, lots of people and a Christ-centered, high school related talk.

For more information about High School Ministry at Crossroads, contact Jono Contestabile at