Our Men’s Small Groups at Crossroads are called “Forge”. The definition for “Forge” is to form something from heating and shaping, to form or create through great effort, to move forward slowly and steadily, and to move ahead with sudden increase speed-power. Our hope is that as we gather together in Small Groups that God will challenge us and we will grow spiritually, that we build a new life with and through others, that we consistently move ahead in God’s grace, and we get ready for God’s surprises.

Our “Forge” Men’s Small Groups meet on Saturdays 10 am to 11:30 am at our Westminster Campus. Men first meet in a Large Group for the teaching component and then split into Small Groups for discussion, prayer, and Small Group plans. New “Forge” groups are planned for Saturdays at our Hampstead Campus and Thursdays at our Westminster Campus in 2018.

Start Date: Saturday, September 9th, 10 am to 11:30 am Westminster Campus. “Forge” meets every other week. Last meeting for 2017 Saturday, December 2nd.

Fall Study – “Seven Questions That Rattle The Minds of Most Men”

The pressures of manhood can be enormous, and they’re only intensified by the mixed messages you receive from culture. Sometimes it seems as though everyone wants something from you. Does being a real man mean having a perfect family, a corner office, a luxury car, and a massive home? Or, is there something more to life – a source of deeper satisfaction?

The Bible has some surprising and counter intuitive things to say about being a man. [7] is a Small Group experience that enables you to explore God’s design for manhood. During the seven sessions, you’ll be introduced to seven questions that rattle in the minds of most men. I hope this experience is the beginning of a journey in which God leads you to be the husband, father, brother, boss – man – you’ve always wanted to be.

Note:  Purchase the “Seven Questions That Rattle The Minds of Most Men” study guide at the Next Steps Center, at Grouplink Sunday, August 20th, or at the “Forge” meeting. Cost is $11.

You can view the “Seven Questions That Rattle The Minds of Most Men” videos on Right Now Media. To obtain access to Right Now Media email Amber Dooley at

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All In Men's Group

Monday nights, Sept 11 – Oct 30

Engage with a God who offers full life, active and adventurous, and step into experiences that bring purpose and meaning to our lives.

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