Kids on the Move: Moving Up Day

Kids on the Move: Moving Up Day

time 11:00 am

June 17, 2018

Kids on the Move

Kids and Student Ministries
June 17th
All Campuses/All Ages

Rising 6th graders, 9th graders and graduating HS seniors: on Sunday, June 17th, each phase of Family Ministry programs will be ready to receive the next generation of participants. 252 Main Street 5th graders will rise to C3 and C3 8th graders will rise to C4! We encourage HS seniors to plug into a 712 small group and attend general services with your family.

All other kids will stay within their current ministry but move into the small group grade level they will be moving into for the 2018/2019 school year. (I-5 Preschoolers attending Kindergarten in the fall will move up in September.)

What can Pre-K kids rising to Kindergarten expect?

  • Pre-K kids will rise Sep 9th
  • 252 Main Street is a structured environment with a Bible Story message and grade appropriate activities to connect the bible story to their everyday life
  • Your kids will still check in but they will worship with you in the sanctuary and be dismissed
  • You will need to maintain your check in receipt to gain access to the ministry area to retrieve your child

What can 5th graders rising to 6th grade expect?

  • You no longer need to pick up your child from ministry. They will be released to you.
  • Rising 6th graders will check themselves into ministry and not go into the sanctuary
  • All electronic devices will need to be placed into a holding container before ministry and returned at dismissal

What can 8th graders rising to 9th grade  expect?

  • C4 Ministry services include worship and deeper bible study
  • Visit for your campus service information

What can 12th graders rising to 712 expect?